Neglecting hypertension could be dangerous, warns expert

KARACHI: High blood pressure is one of the most danger causes of heart and kidney diseases, and in Pakistan almost 18 percent of people are affected by this disease. Media Coordinator of Pakistan Hypertension League Dr. Abdul Rasheed Khan expressed his views during a press conference at Karachi Press Club (KPC) here Thursday.

He said Pakistan Hypertension Day is observed under the World Hypertension League every year on 17th May. Pakistan Hypertension League was formed in 1997 for the purpose to spread information and awareness about high blood pressure. He said high blood pressure is a silent killer. He said they are working in different regions for giving information about how to remain safe and how to be well-informed about this disease.

Dr. Abdul Rasheed said according to nature of this disease the patient is not generally aware that he suffers from this disease because mostly it has not specific symptoms.

He further said it is really necessary for the patients to visit doctors to properly be checked for this disease. He said in certain conditions when patient neglects the situation it results in serious healthcare consequences.

Dr. Abdul Rasheed said in high blood pressure patients should avoid to take any medicine without doctors’ instruction because sometimes it will create more dangerous situation. To reduce the chances of blood pressure disease it is necessary to adopt healthy lifestyle. It is necessary to reduce extra weight, take proper and daily exercise, eat healthy food and fresh fruits, reduce intake of salt, and avoid taking heavy meals with red meat.

Pakistan Hypertension League has organized seminars in different cities of Pakistan to educate people about this disease, he said.

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