Negligence: Karachi beach goes filthy, messy

KARACHI: Karachi beach where thousands of people visit daily is filthy and messy due to sheer negligence of stakeholders including government departments and Karachi Metropolitan Corporation.

The beach is littered with garbage and filth as not only the Malir and Lyari Nullahs but dozens of sewerage nullahs of Clifton, DHA, Qamuyabad, Keamari, Korangi and Mauripur areas downstream directly into the sea. Millions of gallons of this untreated gutter water result in accumulation of filth along the coast and foul smell in the affected beach areas. Rotten things, polythene bags and municipal waste could be seen strewn along the beach, giving it is sorry look.

The citizens are also deprived of easy access to the beach as they have to buy tickets to ensure their entry to the beach through Bagh Iben Qasim, Clifton. Charging fee for entry to city beach area is unheard in whole world and this grave violation of citizens rights only be witnessed in Karachi. There is lack of recreational facilities in beach area. Vendors overcharge beach visitors and also sell them unhealthy and substandard things, especially eatables. There is no arrangement of drinking water so as the vendors can sell their beverages with monopoly.

The Clifton Fish Aquarium had seen its day of glory in past, but now it is in shambles due to negligence of government functionaries. The whole stretch of Karachi beach lacks trees. There is a need of planting hundreds of thousands of beach palm and other trees to beautify the Karachi beach. Proper beach cleaning and installation of cement benches would certainly help the beachgoers enjoy their leisure time, besides waiving off entry fee to the beach areas and parks.

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