No law for Chingchis rickshaws

Karachi: Karachi is the biggest center of Chingchi rickshaws in whole world, but there are no laws and rules to govern these very dangerous makeshift public transport vehicles that cater the needs of millions of Karachi commuters.

Due to very dismal performance of the department of transport, government of Sindh, public transport sector in whole Sindh, especially Karachi is in a pathetic shape. Organized public transport systems of Karachi Transport Corporation (KTC) and Karachi Circular Railway (KCR) were systematically destroyed by the nexus of corrupt transport officials and private transporter mafia. Hence not only government assets of tens of billions of rupees were simply wasted, but the economy of Karachi braved irreparable loss due to lack of proper public transport to help labor mobility in this industrial port city.

Presently, only very old minibuses that are discarded by other provinces because of road unfitness ply in this city. However, as these shabby and smoky minibuses are not available in sufficient number, resultantly, hundreds of thousands of Chingchi rickshaws ply in every area of the city.

These Chingchis have no registration number, back and side mirrors, indicators, hind lights and other safety measures. They are driven generally by underage and untrained drivers. This is why the ratio of Chingchi rickshaws road accidents is on the rise.

The provincial transport department, traffic police and other related agencies should take notice of this important civic issue and take urgent steps to resolve it.