No to politics of hatred and divide

Karachi: Pasban-e-Pakistan, distancing itself from any demo and protest against a media organization, has said no one is against the freedom of expression in the country and the national security institutions are respectable for all citizens.

Pasban-e-Pakistan spokesman Azam Minhas in a release Friday said that Pasban-e-Pakistan has nothing to do with a protest demo, demanding ban on Geo TV. It said certain elements are using the name of Pasban, but it should be made clear that Pasban-e-Pakistan is the political party of poor masses and it does not believe in the politics of petty vested interests. He said we duly respect our brave army and security agencies as they are discharging the sacred duty of national defense. He said no would be allowed to malign the national security organizations to further their vested agenda. “We strongly condemn any campaign to defame the national security organizations.”

Pasban-e-Pakistan said it believes in the freedom of expression as it is necessary for a democratic society. The curbs on media are unacceptable. However, the media should devise a code of conduct for itself so as to further promote the culture of freedom of speech. He said freedom and responsibility are inter-related and no one knows it better the media. He said all institutions should respect one another and work in their constitutional and legal orbits.

The spokesman said they disassociate their party from a protest demo against Geo TV being held in the name of Pasban. He said some people are misusing the name of Pasban; however, they are not related to Pasban-e-Pakistan.

He said they would continue to raise voice for deprived masses of Pakistan and pledge to change the outdated elite-run politics of this country. He said they would introduce a participatory politics in Pakistan in which the common man would play a crucial role.

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