NOC must for holding cultural events

KARACHI: Commissioner Karachi Shoaib Ahmed Siddiqui on Monday warned managements and owners holding commercial events related fine arts at private or government locations that it was necessary to pay prescribed fee to the relevant organizations, get a no objection certificate (NOC) and permission letter for holding such events.

He said complaints were being received of holding events in private hotels without getting permission, which was equal to challenging writ of the government.

“Hotel owners should allow holding such events after the management gets approval, otherwise legal action would be taken against them as well. The educational and cultural aspects of the country should be stressed in the events so that new generation could be benefitted,” he said while addressing a meeting at his office regarding getting permission letter for holding events of fine arts under dramatic act 1879 and 1984.

Secretary Department of Information & Archives Zulfiqar Shilwani, Director Information for Film Mansoor Ahmed Sheikh and representatives of Arts Council and NAPA were also present on the occasion.

Shilwani said acquiring NOC from organizations of the government of Pakistan, especially from information department was necessary under dramatic act 1876 and 1984. In which paying government fees for events and approval of material being presented must be taken because it was a duty of the government to give clearance to the material in favor of people.

“Not taking NOC is not only challenging writ of the government but also depriving the government from income,” he said.

The commissioner directed that the script must be scrutinized before holding the events so that unimportant or objectionable material could be emended.

“Fine art is very important sector. It not only brings peace to the lives and faces of citizens but also gives message of being a living nation at international level. Nations are considered to be alive by their literature, culture and fine art,” he said.

He said on one hand country was fighting against terrorism and on the other hand lack of such events was fading the brightness of the city.