Notice taken of VIP’s gun-toting guards

Karachi: Dr. Niaz Ali Abbasi, Home Secretary Sindh, has taken notice of harassment of road users by gun-toting security guards of VIPs in Karachi.

In a release, he said that the attitude of the armed guards escorting VIPs is very insulting towards other road users and the gun-carrying guards not only gesture rudely towards the law abiding citizens but also violate the human rights and traffic rules.

He asked the Inspector General of Police that senior police officers and the management of private security agencies are required to keep a strict watch and ensure that the escorts’ personnel/private security guards should refrain from such rude attitude towards other road users. He said it is also earning a bad name for the government and law enforcing agencies.

He said that non-compliance of these instructions by the escort personnel shall be taken seriously and stern disciplinary action should be taken against them.

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