Obama administration seems ready for Aafia repatriation: US lawyer

KARACHI: A delegation of senior lawyers of United States of America on Saturday reached Karachi to review the case of Dr Aafia Siddiqui.

The two-member delegation was comprised of famous civil rights activist Stephen Downs and Kathy Manley.

Talking on the occasion, Stephen Downs, said,” It’s a right time for Aafia’s repatriation and Obama administration seems ready for it”.

He said that Aafia was a political prisoner and as Obama’s government is exchanged political prisoners with other countries so Aafia’s repatriation would be possible through negotiations.

Kathy Manley said that the government of Pakistan should demand Aafia’s repatriation formally at the official level. She said that she would continue to strive at diplomatic level and this would help for Aafia’s early repatriation. She said that Aafia is in a critical condition is Texas jail and we are trying to facilitate her medical examination.

Dr Fauzia Siddiqui of Aafia Movement welcomed the delegation and urged Pakistan’s government to play its role for Aafia’s repatriation. She said that without sincerity of the Pakistani government it is very difficult to bring back Aafia home.

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