Opposition demands ending quota system in Sindh

Karachi: Opposition parties in Sindh Assembly here Thursday demanded end to quota system and giving government jobs on pure merit; however, the treasury benches defended the quota system.

The center of the argument of the opposition members was that quota system only in Sindh province was discriminatory as in other three provinces there is no rural and urban quota. When minister for parliamentary affairs Sikandar Mandhro argued that as there is no proper facilities in rural areas of the province the quota system was a mechanism to safeguard the rights of these rural residents; However, the leader of the opposition replied that proper facilities were also not available in the rural areas of Balochistan, K-P and Punjab and why no rural-urban quota was imposed in these three provinces.

PML-F lawmaker Mehtab Akbar Rashdi said it is high time to end all types of quotas and uphold the rule of merit in Sindh province. She suggested that the government jobs in Sindh province should be given not on the basis of urban and rural quota but only on merit.

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