Opposition parties harming nations’ solidarity: Adil

KARACHI: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Vice President and Parliamentary Party leader in Sindh Assembly Haleem Adil Sheikh has said that opposition parties are harming the solidarity of the nation.

Addressing a joint press conference here Sunday in the Hunaid Lakhani Secretariat, flanked by MPAs Dua Bhutto, Shahnawaz Jadoon, Kareem Bux Gabol, Sindh Baitul Mal President Hunaid Lakhani, Jansher Junejo, Haji Nisar Ahmed, Sumair Mir Sheikh, Jam Farooq and others, he said a political absconder leader who is involved in corruption has hatched a conspiracy from London to weaken the country. He said in Gujranwala rally of PDM, Nawaz Sharif talked against our army.

Adil said the leadership of Pakistan comprises the brave leader Imran Khan and our brave armed forces. He said due to this brave leadership even Israel is afraid of Pakistan. He said military and civil leadership of Pakistan are on the same page. He said one monkey came to Karachi and jumped here and there at the Mazar-e-Quaid. He said the nation has now fully seen the faces of thieves. He said Safdar should dare to visit the shrine of Benazir and Bhutto while wearing shoes and Jiyalas should beat him with shoes.

He said Maulana is jobless and if his allowances are resumed, he would become silent. He said we respect Ulema, but some political Maulanas have gotten money for weakening the country. He said in Quetta, the students are seminaries are being brought to the PDM rally.

Adil said dance music is played in their rallies. He said Maulana who used to say that government of a woman is un-Islamic is now holding rallies with a woman. He said they may stage all these circuses but they cannot harm Imran Khan. He said Achakzai is a traitor and his brother had killed a citizen in road accident. He said in their second circus in Karachi, no Karachiite was present. He said in this rally they disrespected Urdu that is our national language. This is also a part of the fifth generation war.

Adil said there are security threats in Quetta but still they are holding their rally. He said however, federal and provincial governments have provided security to them. He said situation in Balochistan is not good.

He said Maryam Nawaz is decrying about the violation of the sanctity of Chadar and Chaudiwari. He asked what their police had done in Model Town, where a mother was shot in chest. He said they should remember their government. He said if somebody had broken the door of the room of Maryam why she did not capture this in her mobile phone. He said it was a pack of lies to engage the nation in non-issues. He said no NRO would be given to the PDM, irrespective of how many rallies they hold.

He said Nawaz Sharif would soon be arrested the brought back home. He was a thief and now he has also become a traitor. He said he should be treated like Altaf Hussain. He said members of PML-N are divided in many groups. He said soon a change would come the PPP would also see it in Sindh.

Adil said when Sindh CM had threatened IGP Kaleem Imam where was the respect for police. He said the IGP Sindh was not kidnapped by anyone but the Sindh government and its officers staged this drama. He said Indian media claimed that police and army are fighting with one another.

He said when Saeed Ghani misbehaved with SSP Dr Rizwan no police officer had tendered resignation. He said virus of corruption, now the virus of politics has affected the Sindh police. He said we will expose all corrupt police officers.

He said when Prime Minister had visited Larkana, the PPP activists had attacked our workers but no FIR was registered. He said ASI Mughiri was tortured in police station by a PPP leader and no FIR was registered. He said Sindh police have become political and it is being run by Farukh Bashir.

However, Hunaid Lakhani said Nawaz Sharif has always worked against the interest of the country. He said even on the matter of FATF the opposition could not come on the same page and we are still in the grey list. He said the people of Pakistan should now understand the conspiracies of the enemy.