Opposition walks out from Sindh assembly after motion against ‘copy culture’ disallowed

Karachi: Opposition parties in the Sindh Assembly staged a walkout when an adjournment motions against ‘copy culture in exams’ was not allowed to be discussed in the house.

As per details, Nusrat Bano Seher Abbasi of Pakistan Muslim League- Functional (PML-F) tabled an adjournment motions against increasing trend of copy culture in the examinations in Sindh province. However, the Sindh senior minister of education and literacy Nisar Khuhro opposed the motion. The mover talked on the admissibility of her motion; however, the chair ruled that the adjournment motion was not according to the rules. On this, the opposition members PML-F, Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) and Pakistan Tehreek Insaf (PTI) staged walkout from the Sindh Assembly. There walkout last for 10 minutes.

Earlier, the house met at 10:17am against its scheduled time of 10:00. Quorum was pointed out by PTI’s Syed Hafeezuddin soon after recitation from Holy Quran and naat, on which, PPP’s Nisar Khuhro and Sikandar Mandhro said that there is understanding between the parties that no one will point out the quorum, so this is inappropriate to point it out. At that time, 38 members were present. However, the chair continued the proceedings.

The house passed The Sindh Child Marriages Restraint Bill, 2013, tabled by Sindh Minister for Women Development, Rubina Qaimkhani.

Kamran Akhter of MQM in his call attention notice (CAN) asked from the home minister the number of incidents of robbery, dacoit and snatching of mobile phones and vehicles reported in Karachi during last six months. He said the reasons of consecutive increasing of crimes ratio is shortage of staff and Police Mobiles and their deterioration, whether Government intends to carry out appointments in Police Department and modernize it.

This was responded by Minister for Parliamentary Affairs, Sikandar Mandhro, who said that we admit that the situation is not good and there is fluctuation in street crimes ratio, however, big crimes have been decreased after targeted operation. He gave statistical details of crime and said that the Government is giving priority to the law and order situation and initiatives are being taken in this regard.

Syed Sardar Ahmed in his call attention notice asked from the Minister for Finance that a matter of Public importance that relates to the funds of Rs. 72,478.729 Million invested and managed up to 30th June, 2013 and Rs. 5, 060.000 Million invested and managed from 1st July, 2013 to 31st January, 2014 by the Sindh Management House related to this investment an expenditure of Rs. 20, 757.203 Million has been shown in ABS 2013-14 incurred upto 30th June, 2013. Amount of dividend as might have been received on these investments is also not reflected in the budgetary documents. It thus needs to be explained in detail with justification for incurring above said expenditure and the reason why no dividend has been reflected in the budgetary documents.

This was responded by Minister for Parliamentary Affairs, Sikandar Mandhro, who said that there are three parts of CAN and we believe that the concern is correct. He said we are considering to give directives strictly to the Finance Department and Sindh Management House to ensure transparency and give replies to all the queries of the members to satisfy them.

Dr Seema Zia of PTI in her call attention notice asked the Minister for Home, Sindh that there is increase in the Street Crime and mugging throughout city. She asked what action has been taken against the SHOs of Nabi Bux Police Station, Preedy Police Station, and Garden Police Station.

This was responded by Minister for Parliamentary Affairs, Sikandar Mandhro and Minister for Information, Sharjeel Inam Memon. Mandhro said that he has a detailed report on it and SHO Preedy Police Station has been removed. He gave statistics of crime reported at Nabi Bux PS and Garden PS and said that efforts are continued to address the issue of insecurity prevailing amongst the people.

Sharjeel Memon said that after targeted operation, the ratio of crime has been decreased. The Law Enforcing Agencies are working with sincerity and we all should appreciate their services. It is fact that all banned outfits have their network in Karachi, however, we are taking all initiatives on the issue of law and order.

MPA Adnan Ahmed in his call attention notice asked from the Minister for Local Government, Sindh that there is acute shortage of water in constituency PS-118 Gulshan-e-Iqbal. The residents are suffering from the basic necessity of water. Kindly provide details and action to provide relief.

This was responded by Minister for Information, Sharjeel Inam Memon, who said that the problem exists and the concern of the member is genuine. Entire Sindh is facing the same problem, especially in this government load shedding has made the lives of people miserable. He blamed Abid Sher Ali and no water is Hub Dam for the problem, saying they are taking steps to resolve the issue.

Presentation and consideration of report of the special committee on Government Bill No. 25 of 2013-The Sindh Child Marriages Restraint Bill, 2013 and Private Bill No. 07 of 2013-The Child Marriage Prohibition Bill, 2013;given notice of by Sharmila Faruqui jointly was taken up in the house and the bill was passed into law.

After discussion, the chair gave ruling tomorrow the house will continue discussion on “receipts of the province, 2013-14”, “current revenue expenditure, 2013-14”, “current capital expenditure, 2013-14” and “development expenditure, 2013-14” after taking the Question Hour session, while the other business will not be taken up and no balloting to be done today for Private Members’ Day.

Later, the chair adjourned the House till Tuesday at 10 AM.

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