Pakistan now heaven for investment: Ahsan

KARACHI: Federal Minister of Planning and Development Dr. Ahsan Iqbal said on Thursday that many international organizations in declaring that Pakistan’s economy is growing rapidly and Pakistan is now a heaven for investment and its all economically indicators are going positive.

Addressing a seminar “CPEC a Road to Peace and Prosperity of the Region,” organized by Rabita Forum International at a local hotel he said a new world is being born and now international politics has changed into regional politics and after some years 80% trade will be done by regions. Pakistan has an important role in linking South Asia, Central Asia and China.

He said that CPEC is a game changer, which will make Pakistan and this region more peaceful and prosperous. He said after its completion Pakistan will become hub of providing services, transportation, management to the region and India will also get benefit of it.

He told that CPEC has four phases, in the first phase we would further improve Gwadar port and after its completion Pakistan will be become the biggest marine services provider and Baluchistan would grow rapidly. In 2nd phase we will a lot of produce energy. China has agreed to produce 45000 MW by 2025. In the beginning of 2018, the first step will be completed and we would be able to produce more energy, he added.

The minister said that in energy sector, Sindh has great role and after use of Thar coal, the Thar Desert that faces poverty and famine now will change into a developed area. In addition we will get more than 2050 MW energy by wind power. The 3rd phase of this plan is infrastructure that would be improved all over the country. He challenged that if anybody proves it that any route has been changed he will leave politics.

The 4th phase of this plan is uprooting terrorism and the government is getting success to do this, he said adding now many international organizations are declaring Pakistan as heaven for investment.

Director General of Institute of Strategic Studies, Islamabad and former ambassador of Pakistan in China Masood Khan said that China Pakistan economic corridor (CPEC) is a strong plan of both governments and its roots are very deep.

He said the current era is the era of globalization and codependence to one another. Today countries sometime compete with one other and at the same time they help each other to secure their mutual interests.

He said, America and China were staunch enemies and involved in cold war but both are dependent on each other to run their economies. We can’t live with war against any country, and without collaboration. CPEC is an revolutionary plan that grows day by day with Pak-China collaboration and forming a solid shape.

It’s a great plan that will change economy of Pakistan and open many ways to develop the country, he added.

Masood said with CPEC, Pakistan has formed very strong political and economical relations with China and its completion is very important for the both countries.

Talking about China’s strategy he said that China wants to involve all regional countries in economic activities so that all countries grow. “That’s why China took this step with Pakistan and I assure you that it will be a great success.”

He advised youth to equip themselves with the weapon of knowledge and they should get expertise in management, finance, services and transportation and such other sectors. He said after announcement of CPEC all Western countries have changed their stand about Pakistan and those who used to dub Pakistan as heaven of terrorists now say that Pakistan is the heaven of investment.

He said that the reservations of India about CPEC have no legal and political value and Pakistan is not considering them. Pakistan is fully determined to complete this project. We need to further grow our relations with China, he said, adding that exchange delegations of people from different walks of life should visit both countries.