Pasban demands civic facilities for Orangiites

Karachi: People living in the biggest slum area of Asia, Orangi, have been facing immense problems including shortage of water and lack of proper number of NADRA offices and these issues need to be resolved on priority, demanded Pasban e Pakistan here Thursday.

Pasban candidate for chairman at UC-28 Bilal Colony, Zafar Iqbal said Orangiites have been facing immense problems due to non-issuance of the computerized national identity cards. He said the lone NADRA centre is not enough to cater the needs of millions of citizens and it is urgently required to open more NADRA centres in Orangi. He said police is also harassing people and extortion demands from them who do not posses the NIC.

He said the area also faced acute shortage of water but the Karachi Water and Sewerage Board (KWSB) is not ready to resolve this basic issue. He asked the government to take notice of the plights of Orangi citizens who are left orphaned by corrupt bureaucracy.