Pasban fears ‘angles’ may cast vote in NA-246 by-polls

Karachi: Pasban e Pakistan general secretary and candidate for NA-246 Karachi by-polls Usman Moazzam here Wednesday said that Pasban would surely win the seat if the ‘angles’ votes are not cast on the polling day.

He said the Karachiites have already rejected the terrorists and they would also not tolerate the burger-class immature politicians. He said the Karachiites have already seen a lot of troubles and now they are fully able to differentiate between their friends and foes.

He said Pasban e Pakistan is the only political party that can change Karachi and rid its citizens of perpetual fear and terror. The roots of Pasban are amongst people and it does not survive just on the media blitz like PTI, which does not have even a handful of workers in the constituency.

He said Pasban has always raised a strong voice for the rights of Karachiites. Its campaign for ending the ban on pillion riding and resolving other civic issues of Karachi is before all. This is the first time that Pasban has fielded its own candidate in election and every circle has already welcomed it.

Usman Moazzam said that Karachiites are no more orphans so that anyone could come and conquer them. He said Karachi do is a golden egg laying goose, but it is not an ostrich to hide its face in sand. Karachiites would take their decision by themselves. If under some conspiracy any artificial leadership is slapped on them they would take to streets. He said it is the time not to further rub slat into the wounds of Karachiites but instead to dress their festering wounds. People would never accept the elements who are considering Karachi as a conquered city and its resources as their war spoils.

He demanded to resolve the genuine civic issues of the city. He said the city lack even open spaces to hold family functions. Hundreds of families are braving problems due to sudden razing of illegal marriage halls as they have no other space to arrange their marriage functions. He said the provincial government has also no alternate plan to facilitate these families whose wedding functions have already been disturbed.

He said people of Karachi as well as NA-246 constituency fully back the Pasban and it would surely win the seat provided the ‘angles’ did not descend to cast their votes on the polling day.

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