Patharas again occupy Saddar

Karachi: Roadside encroachments, pushcarts and Patharas that were removed by the Rangers a couple of weeks back against occupied the main Empress Market from the mouth of New Preedy Street up to Regal Chowk on Sunday.

To the dismay of citizens, commuters and pedestrians the roads and footpaths of Saddar Empress Market area that were retrieved from the encroachment mafia by the rangers on Sunday were reoccupied by them.

Residents of the area say that the resurfacing of Patharas is the result of failure of police and civic agencies. They said as the fish cannot live without water, these corrupt officials cannot survive without Bhatta, and Patharas are the easiest way to earn millions of rupees of Bhatta income from this densely populated commercial area.

They said in fact the Patharas and pushcarts removed by the rangers had been relocated to the CDGK car parking plaza and they used to come back to Saddar area in evening hours daily, and police, rangers and KMC officials also know this fact. They said till making Saddar a ‘no-parking zone’ and implementing the second phase of bus re-rerouting in Saddar area, the lingering issue of Patharas and encroachments could not be resolved.

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