Patharas clog traffic at New Preedy

Karachi: Roadside encroachments removed in front of the Empress Market Saddar have find a new business spot, the mouth of the New Preedy Street, near Saddar Dawakhana, clogging vehicular traffic.

The KMC anti-encroachment teams do visit the area, but they are not serious to remove the Patharas or file FIRs against the encroachers. In Saddar, the Pathara business is a lucrative venture and the police and KMC officials fully know who are behind this business but they shy away from taking action against them as their own vested interests are also related to Pathara business. If the Patharas are really removed their ‘income’ would also decrease.

However, the clogging of the New Preedy Street due to illegal encroachment is hampering smooth flow of traffic. The area police, traffic police and the KMC anti-encroachment teams should take proper efforts to remove dozens of Patharas and other roadside encroachments from the New Preedy Street on priority.