Patharas reappear in Saddar next day after operation

KARACHI: After a massive anti-encroachment operation in Saddar area of district South Karachi on the directives of Sindh Governor Dr Ishratul Ibad Khan on Sunday, March 23, dozens of Patharas (roadside encroachments of vendors) reappear on Monday.

On Sunday heavy contingents of police, traffic police and anti-encroachment officials removed illegal Patharas from the area; however, the next day, the encroachers again brought their pushcarts and vending stall on roads and footpaths as usual. They again created obstructions in smooth flow of traffic on roads and free movement of pedestrians on footpaths.

The residents of the areas, say they have seen such operations dozens of time each year, but as soon as the operations are over the encroachers again return and start their activities as usual. This is not only a nuisance for citizens but also create a bad image of administration. They requested the government to ensure sustainability of their anti-encroachment operations in Karachi, particularly in Saddar area of district South, Karachi.

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