Patharas relocated to New Preedy Street

Karachi: The nexus of powerful Pathara mafia and corrupt municipal officials have successfully managed to relocate Patharas from Empress Market to New Preedy Street, befooling citizens once again.

Traffic on the New Preedy Street up the CDGK car parking plaza remains clogged due to hundreds of Patharas that are relocated in this area from nearby Empress Market. The vehicles and staff of anti-encroachments remain present opposite Empress Market, but these officials spend their duty time in chatting and heaving tea. They do not bother to visit the nearby New Preedy Street and remove Patharas from them.

Citizens have been facing immense problems due to these roadside encroachments but the KMC authorities are shying away to take on the powerful Pathara mafia. They have still failed to lodge FIRs against these mafia men, despite they are well-known in the locality and the area police stations also fully know about them.