PEC’s nightmare at Dawood University haunts 892 students

KARACHI: Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) is reluctant to accredit four new departments of Dawood University

of Engineering and Technology (DUET) and register its 142 students of Batch 1995-96 who have passed their degrees as per Higher Education Commission’s rules, a group of students told PPI at the university.

The students said: “PEC’s this step-motherly attitude will render over 892 students jobless and destroy their academic career besides putting them in depression. From the session 2010-2011, the University has introduced four new departments – Energy & Environment, Petroleum & Gas, Telecommunication, and Computer System Engineering. Despite repeated requests to the PEC by the university and students, there is no progress yet as PEC’s bureaucracy has turned deaf ears to their requests. Over 892 students of these four departments could not be able to get government jobs if these departments are not accredited with immediate effect, while passing out students of 95-96 Batch are jobless since last six years and their age limit for getting job has also ended.”

They said that the most affected are 142 passing out students of Batch 1995-96 who are running from pillar to post for getting government jobs since last six years, but there is no one who could help them. It has been confirmed that 100 students of DUET’s Batch 2011-12 belonging to new departments have passed out, but they are also facing problem in getting government jobs due to PEC’s reluctance to accredit the DUET.

Other students who will be affected in view of jobs belong to Batch 2012-13 (160 students), Batch 2013-14 (180 students), Batch 2014-15 (150 students), and Batch 2015-16 (160 students). President Pakistan Academy of Engineering and PEC’s Ex-Chairman, Dr Jameel Ahmed Khan, said that his academy is struggling to resolve the issues facing the engineering community. He said that PAE is ready to raise the DUET’s issue if a legal case in written is provided by its head. He said that students should not be punished for any other’s fault.

A DUET official said on anonymity that owing to efforts by DUET’s Vice Chancellor Dr Faizullah Abbasi, a PEC team recently visited the university and assured to accredit these departments. He said that the university had improved all its laboratories and other affairs but it is still being deprived of accreditation by PEC, which is not good for students’ academic future.

“PEC is reluctant to register DUET’s batch 1995-96 students despite it knows that students could not get government jobs. This attitude seems to be anti-education as Pakistan is still a developed country. The DCET 1995-96 pass-outs’ academic and job future is at stake due to non-registration of their degrees by PEC,” said Mohammad Ramazan, a passing out student. He further said: “NED University of Engineering and Technology Karachi disaffiliated college (now university) for over three years. As a result, students passed degrees in over seven years due to late holding of examinations. As the students has passed their BE degrees as per rules; hence, they should be given PEC’s registration.”

The passing out students of the 1995-96 batch are facing problem in getting jobs at Pakistan Steel Mills, KESC, and many engineering industries as they demand PEC’s registration certificate. The government needs to tight noose around PEC for tormenting students, he said. The foundation stone of the DUET (formerly Dawood College of Engineering & Technology) was laid by the former President of Pakistan (Late) Field Marshal Mohammad Ayub Khan in 1962. The College was established by Dawood Foundation under the supervision of Seth Ahmed Dawood in 1964. On March 2013, the Sindh Assembly passed the Sindh ACT No. XII of 2013, upgrading it to a University.