PFF deplores murder of human rights defender

KARACHI: Pakistan Fisherfolk Forum (PFF) on Thursday condemned the murder of human rights defender and a leading lawyer of Multan Rashid Rehman, who was killed by two assailants while he was sitting in his office in Multan city.

PFF Chairperson Mohammed Ali Shah and General Secretary Saeed Baloch in a joint statement said the way the government authorities were showing silence over the complaints against threats to Rehman received by lawbreakers should be condemned widely.

They said the murder of the lawyer, who was also a coordinator for the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) in Multan, has posed threats to all the human rights defenders in all over the country. It will send a negative message to the world that how the brilliant people are being killed one after other by cruel people of the society.

“It seems as if nobody is safe from such attacks. Life of every rights defender with his family and friends is at risk. Despite Rehman’s complaints against threats he received by certain people inside the courtroom in jail, the police could not provide security to him,” PFF leaders said, adding that it was the pitiless approach of the government law enforcing agencies.

The organization has expressed concerns over the horrific situation in terms of increasing insecurity and lawlessness and appealed to the world peace and human rights forums to intervene, as the society was leading towards anarchy in Pakistan due to apathetic approach of the government.

The PFF leaders offered condolence to the grieved family, friends and followers of the deceased and appealed to rights activists, professionals, political workers, trade unionists, peasants, fishermen and other stakeholders to show the unity daringly to put the society out of this dilemma and keep it safe from such evil forces.

The trend of extremism and intolerance has put the entire society in the endless fear and the most victims of those struggling for peace, harmony and tolerance in the society, the PFF leaders concluded.

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