PICG’s 10th anniversary held in Karachi

KARACHI: Pakistan Institute of Corporate Governance (PICG), celebrated its 10 years of being at local hotel with a gala dinner followed by an exquisite solo dance performance. The event was restricted to PICG members and those individuals who had attained their Certificates of Director Education through PICG and their guests.

At the occasion, PICG’s Chairman of the Board, Tawfiq A. Husain, who is Secretary General, Pakistan Bank’s Association, cut the Anniversary Cake that had the symbolic number of 10 in green and blue, the corporate colours of PICG signifying national economic growth.

The gala dinner was well attended by the heads of the corporate sector. There were no chief guests, no key note speeches, just recognition and reward for the achievements of PICG on its 10 year journey to the persons who made it come about. Fuad Hashimi, PICG’s President & CEO, identified the first Chairman, Dr. Tariq Hassan, the first Chief Executive, Danishmand, the second Chairman, Raziur Rahman Khan, the second Chief Executive, Zahid Zaheer, the third Chairman, Salman Shaikh, the fourth Chairman, Abdullah Yusuf and members of first board of directors, Zaffar Khan, Zaigham Mahmood Rizvi and Syed Shabbar Zaidi, as being the key persons who laid the solid foundations enabling PICG to become what it is today – one of the leading professional institutes that had pioneered good governance practices in the corporate sector and is engaged in advocacy for directors and shareholders’ rights and changes in the Code of Corporate Governance and that has till date individually trained over 600 persons and equipped them with internationally accredited certifications for directors.

PICG is now additionally recognised by its technical resource partner over these past 10 years, International Finance Corporation, as the leading institute of directors in the MENA Region.