PMA concerns on PMDC election schedule

KARACHI: Pakistan Medical Association (PMA) on Monday took a very serious notice of the developing situation regarding the election of Pakistan Medical & Dental Council (PMDC) and again demanded for postponement of election for a week.

Secretary General, PMA Center, Dr Mirza Ali Azhar said PMA has raised its voice on the issues and wrote letter to the secretary election committee but to no avail. He said PMA has already pointed out that the date of the elections is coinciding with the local body elections in South Punjab and a greater part of the Sindh including Karachi.

He said provincial government has already announced public holidays where the elections are taking place. He said other urgent matter to be sorted out is the number of polling stations in Punjab, Sindh and Balochistan.

He said such a small number of polling stations all over the country seem to be a conspiracy either by the ministry or the chairman and secretary of the elections committee to keep a large number of doctors away from the process of the elections.

He said this election is a historic moment for PMDC and urges the authorities to make this process clean and transparent. He said interim committee responsible for organizing the process of the elections already wasted a considerable time.

He demanded on the behalf of PMA that these elections should be postponed for a week to provide a safe atmosphere and to organize polling stations at tehsil level to make the process more participative and democratic.