Police report shows decline in killings

KARACHI: Karachi police report claimed that target killings have declined by 991 persons from 5 September 2013 to 8 May 2014 in Karachi. Around 10753 accused, including 188 target killers, 338 murderers, 94 kidnappers and 248 extortionists, were arrested by law enforcement agencies during the ongoing targeted operation in the city.

These figures were given in a report titled “Analysis of impact of targeted operation in Karachi” issued by Karachi police. The report stated that since the inception of targeted operation, murder cases in the city have declined by 50 percent, while target killing cases by 54 percent and street crime by seven percent.

According to the report, before the operation, almost 1325 people were murdered in Karachi violence incidents in 246 days before operation.

However, after start of operation, the figures showed that the city had seen a drop in targeted killings as 119 such cases were reported in September, 77 in October, 56 in November 61 in December, 88 in January 2014, 69 in February, 50 in March, 44 in April and 12 in first eight days of this month.

The report said that during the operation, 845 accused involved in murder cases were arrested, including 526 accused of fresh murder cases, 60 proclaimed offenders of murder cases, and 259 absconders of murder cases, however, out of 526 murderers, 188 were involved in target killing cases. Interrogations of 845 murderer accused have led to the detection of 767 murder cases.

The report showed that complaints in extortion had also decreased during the operation. It said 1101 complaints were received regarding extortion since the operation started in the city. Around 110 cases of extortion were detected and 134 accused involved in extortion arrested.

The report said that city has seen a slight drop in kidnapping for ransom cases during operation. It said 69 cases of kidnapping for ransom were registered, out of these, 23 cases were detected. It said 94 accused were arrested, out of them, 87 were in prison and seven under police custody.

The report said that a total 14457 accused were challaned, including 355 accused in murder cases, 102 in target killing cases, 57 in explosive Act cases, 87 in kidnapping for ransom cases, 134 in extortion cases, 546 in robberies, 452 in street crimes, 4171 in possessing illegal arms cases and 2697 in narcotic cases.

The report mentioned that 705 cases were filed in Anti-Terrorism Courts during ongoing operation. It said 59 accused involved in heinous crimes including murder, kidnapping for ransom, extortion and other cases, were convicted by trial courts during the ongoing operation.

it stated that robberies and theft of four and two wheel vehicles also decreased, as 3154 four wheel vehicles and 15334 two wheel vehicles were snatched in 246 days before the operation and 2608 four wheel vehicles and 15092 two wheel vehicles were snatched during ongoing operation.

According to report, 107 police personnel were martyred during ongoing operation in the city.

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