Political interference destroying education

KARACHI: Political interference is root cause of destruction of educational system in Sindh and without ending the culture of political appointments in violation of merit and checking unbridled corruption the downfall of education in the province cannot be stopped.

Professor Dr Tauseef Ahmad, Chairman Mass Communication Department Federal Urdu University of Arts, Science and Technology (FUUAST) said that political interference in governmental educational institutes was on the peek and due to it the whole educational system was non-transparent.

This is the top-most reason of why government-run educational system in the province has failed to deliver, Dr Tauseef told PPI. He said bringing improvements in educational system by ending the political intervention should be the first priority of the government.

Dr Aazadi Fateh, lecturer at FUUAST said that political intervention to allow favorite students cheating in examinations giving them good marks was common while the interference in admission matters and teachers’ promotion also prevails.

She said that due to political involvement not only universities and colleges but also their teachers and students face many problems. “Respect of teachers is being neglected and instead they face different threats from students having political affiliation,” she added. She also said the political intervention the topmost factor behind the of education.

President Sindh Professor and Lecturer Association Karachi Region, Feroz Siddiqui said there is a dire need to end all sort of political intervention in education system. He urged upon all political parties to sit together and sign a code of conduct that no political party would run students’ organizations in any institution to further their political agenda. “Political involvement can be curbed in colleges if political parties are willing for it,” he added. He said the role of student unions should be limited to the matters related to their education and not the overall political agenda of mainstream political parties.

A high ranked official in BIEK told PPI on condition of anonymity that intervention of an influential mafia having hidden political support is in full bloom in all educational institutions including boards. “This mafia is involved in changing examination results after receiving heavy bribes. To end this cheating culture, the government must have to introduce on-line computer-based examinations with multi-choice questions as per prevailing international standards in our schools and colleges. The written script based annual examination system has been abolished in many countries and it is high time that Pakistan should also get rid of this obsolete exam system.”

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