Politics, democracy, assemblies ‘hostage’ in Pakistan: Siraj

Karachi: Jamaat e Islami (JI) Amir Senator Sirajul Haq has said that democracy, politics and assemblies in Pakistan have been held hostage by corrupt establishment and spoiled elite class, saying today when man is traveling space for Mars, Pakistani children are scavenging rotten food from the garbage dumps.

Addressing a crowded Meet the Press program of Karachi Press Club Saturday evening, the JI leader said the problems of Pakistani politicians and Pakistani masses are different. Pakistani politicians always think for winning elections and maximizing their ill-gotten wealth, while the Pakistani poor masses think about how to purchase wheat flour and lintel, pay electricity bills and school fees, and buy new clothes for children for the coming Eid.

He said he is a common man and his agenda is an agenda of common man. He said it is shame for us that our poverty villagers have to sell either their kidneys or young daughters. He said today every child is under the burden of World Bank and IMF loans. He asked who utilized these loans and whose coming generations would have to pay them. He said corrupt elite class was dominant when Pakistan was formed and Quaid e Azam had to say that only base coins are in his hand, and this corrupt elite class is also dominant in today’s Pakistan.

He said Pakistan is not just braving an armed terrorism but also a social and economic terrorism. He said this corrupt elite class and their rulers are social and economic terrorists of Pakistan. He said if there is rule of law in Pakistan just for one year, the nation would find its political leaders rotting in jails and their palatal palaces being publicly auctioned. He said we need to end the era of personal fiefdoms and political kings and princes and make a new Pakistan based true democracy and the rule of law.

He said Pakistan is under the tight grip of a system that is based on injustice and exploitation. He said the Pakistani banks give loans to those people who are already millionaires and billionaires. He said no bank can give loan to a poor Pakistani to buy a bicycle. He said a common Pakistani when spends his earning years of youth and becomes a senior citizen, he even do not have a few rupees to buy his medicines. He said the government or state does nothing for this senior and loyal Pakistani and allows him to die painfully and miserably. He said in an Islamic welfare state is the responsibility of the state and government to take care of all its citizens, but sadly these Islamic basic principles are only witnessed in the Western societies.

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