Power cuts rise with mercury

KARACHI: Prolonged and unannounced electricity shutdowns seem to have heralded the hot and humid weather in Karachi as complaints of power cuts across the metropolis are increasing by the hour.

People in some parts of Korangi spent a sleepless night on Tuesday when just after midnight electricity supply went off.

“I had just dozed off when lights went out and fans stopped whirling,” said a consumer from Korangi. “From then on I kept tossing in the bed, perspiring and cursing the electricity supplier.”

It has also been noticed that the power cuts in hot weather has terrible effect on psychology of the people of the city who are already suffering from so many other issues.

A youth, Jibran Ahmed, resident of Bhittai Colony, said that it was atrocious taking electricity off in the middle of the night. “We come home tired of work to get some rest. However, the night, when extra-load shedding happens, seems to be more toiling than work. I would go crazy if this happened for a couple of hot months,” he said.

The situation in many other parts of the city was no different. A housewife from PIB Colony said: “All the housework comes to a standstill due to load-shedding. And, the extra-load shedding adds fuel to the fire, because, it badly disturbs schedule of all the works from cleaning to ironing.”

A resident of North Nazimabad said that though they were not facing much trouble from the power cuts as it happened in some other localities, because their area lied in low-loss territory, but, all power consumers who duly pay their bills should be provided uninterrupted power supply.

However, the K-E is of the opinion that the areas with huge power theft and bill payment default face longer load shedding spells, while areas with no power theft and high recovery rate do not face any load shedding.

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