PPA warns against possible measles epidemic spread

KARACHI: Pakistan Pediatric Association (PPA), a body of child specialist doctors, on Tuesday warned that there is a fear of possible measles epidemic spread in the country, therefore, immediate vaccination campaign should be stared. It urged government to give due importance to immunization program and extend its ambit as vaccination is the best way to prevent infectious diseases in children.

Addressing a press conference at Karachi Press Club, President PPA Dr Iqbal Memon said that in 1980, vaccine coverage in Pakistan was above 80% but now it had reduced to 30-50%.

He said that the developed countries, particularly European states, had controlled most of infectious disease by effective immunization. “In developed countries, the infant mortality rate is around 8-10 per 1000, while in Pakistan, it is 76 per 1000, which is alarming,” he added.

He said: “Our neighbouring countries have eradicated polio but we are still facing many cases. We are seeing case of whooping cough and measles epidemic is being feared. This situation is alarming and freighting, hence, we all have to work hard to overcome this.”

He said that PPA had tagged 2014-15 for creating awareness among public regarding immunization of children. “So far 50 workshops have been conducted across the country, while over 2000 heath workers have also been trained.”

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