PPP praises actions against elements attacking minorities worship places

KARACHI: Pakistan People’s Party Legislators from Minorities have praised the Sindh government for swift actions against the miscreants involved in desecration of worship places of minorities and provision of protection to communities across the province.

In a joint press statement, Advisor to Bilawal Bhutto Zardari on Minority Affairs Surrender Valasai, PPP Senator Hariram Kishori Lal, MNA Ramesh Lal, MPAs Dr Mahesh Malani, Dr Lalchand Ukrani, Dr Khatumal Jeewan, Mukesh Chawla and Engineer Pesumal Ukrani said Peoples government in Sindh put the administration on alert on the directives of Patron-In-Chief Bilawal Bhutto Zardari and arrested accused involved in Larkana, Hyderabad and Thar incidents without any delay.

They pointed out that credit goes to the PPP government in Sindh, which effectively foiled plots to repeat Joseph Colony, Lahore and Gojra incidents in the province through swift and proper administrative steps. Indifference of Punjab government’s towards the attacks on minority have caused bad name to the image of country.

PPP Legislators further said that Pakistani nation as a whole has always protected and respected the minority communities including Christians and Hindus. “Acts of few criminal-minded individuals cannot be construed as an organized victimization, which some PML-N and PTI leaders are trying to portray in Sindh while they maintained criminal silence on the burning alive of innocent Christians in Gojra and hundreds of homes in Joseph Colony, Lahore,” they further added.

They said that those involved in the desecration acts would be tried under the law of the land and punished accordingly.

They further pointed out PPP MNAs and MPAs stood guards to the minority communities in their respective areas while PML-N MNAs and MPAs looked on while seven people from Christian community were burnt alive and hundreds of homes blazed into ashes in Punjab.

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