PPP senators flay PML-N govt for power outages

KARACHI: Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Senators on Tuesday criticized federal government for frequent power outages in different parts of Sindh province and said that unannounced load shedding for almost 20 hours had created problems for people in the province.

In a statement issued on Tuesday, three PPP Senators – Dr Karim Khawaja, Aijaz Dhamrah and Yousuf Baloch – criticized power load shedding in Sindh by federal government and said that the province should be given its complete electricity share.

“PML-N in its election campaign and manifesto had promised to end load shedding within six months after coming to power but now it has backed out of its promise,” they said.

The senators said that even today people were protesting against load shedding in Punjab and now they were waiting for Chief Minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif to join them as he did when PPP was in federal government during last tenure.

They said that in areas, where load shedding was six to eight hours, now they were witnessing a power cut of 16 to 18 hours while some places in Sindh were also experiencing unannounced load shedding of 20 hours.

“Sindh electricity is being used to run industries in Punjab and people of the province have been victimized deprived of it,” they said.

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