PPP warns against involving army into media-political conflicts

KARACHI: General Secretary Pakistan People’s Party Taj Haider on Monday cautioned political parties and media groups against involving the armed forces into their group and political conflicts.

“Armed Forces of Pakistan do not need any support rallies or propaganda campaigns in their support. Those who were indulging in such activities were in fact supporting their own narrow interests and maligning the armed forces,” he said in a statement.

Haider said a false and negative perception that the armed forces were sponsoring these support rallies was fast taking roots among the people. Those taking out the rallies had also started a very damaging whisper campaign that the present government will not complete its term of office and the so called “ultra patriots” would be brought in power with the support of the armed forces.

Haider said that the people of Pakistan wanted to keep the armed forces out of politics and the negative perceptions created through the so-called ‘support rallies’ can only result in lowering the esteem of the armed forces in the eyes of the nation.

Haider said that the country could ill afford dragging of its armed forces into group or party conflicts. “Armed Forces of Pakistan are valiantly fighting against extremist terrorism within the country and have given unparalleled sacrifices to ensure the safety and protection of peace loving Pakistani citizens.”

He said that outside the country new dangers had emerged on our eastern borders with the coming to power of a religious extremist fascist government in India.

The hegemonic and imperialist agenda of Corporate India backed by religious extremism and neo-fascism cannot be ignored by the countries of the region, he said.

“All of us have to keep our eyes open. We have to unite and work hard. Last but not the least we have to allow the Armed Forces of Pakistan to concentrate on their professional duties and make the national defence impregnable,” Haider concluded.

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