Pre-wedding screening must to check thalassemia

Karachi: Baqai Medical University (BMU) on Saturday organized a continuous education lecture program, where Professor Dr Mueen-u-Din said: “Lack of mechanism to control genetic disease of Thalassemia from Pakistan is affecting thousands of people across the country”

BMU’s Institute of Hematology head Dr Mueen-u-Din said that Thalassemia disease was not present till late 1971 but it spread from 1980 to 1990 all over Pakistan.

Thalasemia treatment is very expensive so safety first is the safety always, he suggested.

He advised that Thalasemaia is a hereditary disease so it needs safety checkups before the marriage. He said screening of Thalassemia in all over the country would cost up to Rs280 million in one year; however, Rs36billion have already been spent on the treatment of Thalassemia in Pakistan so far.

He said there is dire need to aware public about Thalassemia at governmental and non-government-level in country. He said Thalassemia could not be eliminated from the country as it is not viral disease so it could be controlled by doing screening tests before the marriage.

He suggested that government should make a strategy to handle this harmful disease, like polio. He said government can aware public about Thalassemia disease through writing messages and alerts on backside of utility bills.

On this occasion BMU’s Vice Chancellor Professor Dr Zahida announced that university will establish a screening cell in the university and its head will be Dr Mueen-u-Din.

Director CME Dr Shahida Nagi, Professor Syed alhassan Zaidi, Professor Kishore Sultana were also present.

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