Precaution demanded to avert swine flu in Sindh

Karachi: President Infection Control Society of Pakistan (ICSP) Dr Muhammad Rafeeq Khanani on Sunday urged the Provincial Government and general public to adopt precautionary measures to prevent the spread of swine flu, as many cases of viral flu are being reported in Punjab Province.

He told PPI here that the National Institute of Health Islamabad has so far not confirmed officially whether the people who died in Multan and Lahore actually died from swine-flu or some type of seasonal influenza strain. He said as such health practitioners are still not sure about type of viral flu that has spread in Punjab province.

He said Sindh Government should adopt a system of screening of people coming from those areas of Punjab province under influence of swine flu or other viral flu cases. He also demanded to a keep vigilant eye on poultry products. He informed that migratory birds and poultry farms are the major sources of spread of swine flu prevalence and authorities should maintain their proper monitoring.

He said swine flu is a communicable viral infection which transfers from animals, usually pigs, to human beings. He suspected that flu transported here from other countries. He said birds come from Siberian countries and they may cause viral flu in the country.

He urged the people suffering from disease to minimize their movement and consult with some specialist doctor on earliest. He informed that the major symptoms of disease are fever, pain in body, respiratory failure and pneumonia. He said suspected patients should be kept in isolation to avoid further spread of the virus.

He said healthcare workers should get regular checkups, wear masks and wash their hands regularly to avoid contracting this disease.

Central leader of Pakistan Medical Association (PMA) Dr SM Qaiser Sajjad, when contacted, urged the provincial authorities to ensure proper monitoring of poultry and other animal products being sold in the province and Karachi city on daily basis. He said authorities should establish monitoring points at markets like Empress Market to control the prevalence of swine flu.

He said swine flu symptoms are similar to the symptoms of common flu in initial stages and people should consult with specialist doctor in case the flu intensity increases.

He demanded of the provincial government to immediately establish a digital Virology Lab in province as viral disease are on the rise in the country as well as Sindh province in order to save citizens from such diseases in future.

According the World Health Organisation (WHO) recent report 37 suspected cases of H1N1 flu were reported in the Punjab province, 15 of them from Multan, while nine people have died due to the severity of the disease so far.

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