Preventive measures necessary to avoid seasonal diseases

KARACHI: Renowned ENT surgeon, Dr S M Qaisar Sajjad on Saturday said slightly uneven weather increases the risk contracting the seasonal disease like viral flu, nose and throat infections among children and elderly people.

Talking to PPI, Dr Qaisar said children and elderly people are most vulnerable to seasonal diseases due their weak immune system. He said slightly change in weather leads children and elderly people towards various seasonal diseases like viral flu, respiratory disorders, lung infection, asthma, and nose and throat problems.

He said generally these problems developed in children and old-age people due to their weak immune system and especially who could not adopt precautionary measure with the change in weather. He said commonly children contract these diseases from school by sharing things with other children and later the diseases infect other family members too.

Dr Qaisar said seasonal flu infected people with a weak immune system, especially those who don’t eat a proper food, consume junk food & soft drinks, drink less water and don’t get proper sleep.

He said these diseases are common diseases in winter and change of weather. He said people should take precautionary measures to prevent such diseases.

He said if the seasonal flu and throat infection persists for two or three days the patients must approach a specialist doctor for treatment. He said self-medication and excessive use of antibiotics without the consultation of doctor was harmful for patients.

He urged the citizens to take proper food, avoid junk food & cold drinks, drink 10 to 12 glass water a day and take eight hours of sleep to save them from many diseases. He said parents of school going children must adopt precautionary measures in order to prevent their children from catching seasonal diseases, adding the habit of hand washing should be carried out at school and home, regularly.

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