Protest, boycott, walkouts mar Sindh assembly session

Karachi: Protests, boycott and walkouts of opposition parties marred the Sindh assembly session on Monday, where the opposition members severely criticized what they called biased behavior of deputy speaker Shehla Raza.

The first bout of protest came from the Muttahida Quami Movement (MQM) that wanted to discuss the matter of rangers’ raid on their party’s headquarters.

MQM members protested for about 6 minutes when the speaker did not allow the MQM lawmaker Mohammad Hussain to discuss the issue of rangers’ raid on their party headquarters Nine Zero on March 11. MQM members after protest in house staged a walkout at 11:43am. However, they came back at 11:52 am

When call attention notice (CAN) time started Pakistan Muslim League-Functional (PML-F) and Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) members protested in house for about 3 minutes and later at 12:48 staged a walkout because the speaker did not allow the leader of the opposition Mohammad Shaharyar Khan Mahar (PML-F) to raise the issue of shortage of wheat procurement centers in Sindh. After protest in house the PML-F and PML-N members staged walkout at 12:48 pm. However, they returned back to house after 5 minutes.

However, at 12:49pm, Mohammad Hussain of MQM stood on point of order and tried to speak on the matter of resignation of PTI members. However, the deputy speaker did not allow him and gave the ruling that there was no notification of acceptance of resignation of any member. However, the MQM lawmakers protested till 1:11pm in house (Minus three minutes of Azan break)

Again at 1:15pm MQM. PML-F and PML-N members again stood to speak on points of order and protested when the deputy speaker did not allow them. They gathered before the dice of speaker and raised slogans. Deputy speaker at 1:19pm adjourned the House for 10 Minutes.

However, at 1:25pm speaker Aga Siraj Durani started the House.

Soon on 1:29 MQM member Mohammad Hussain again stood and tried to speak but was not allowed.

At that time Leader of Opposition also stood and tried to speak on the point of order, which the speaker did not allow. Some members stood before the dice and other protested on their benches. The speaker continued the proceedings amidst their protest. PML-N and PML-F members tore apart the copies of rules of procedure and continued raising slogans. However, at 1:44, PML-N, PML-F and MQM members boycotted and did not return till the house was adjourned.

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