Protest held to express solidarity with people of Gaza

KARACHI: Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) Pakistan Chief Siraj-ul-Haq has said that the absence of leadership in the Muslim World was a main reason for creating unrest in Palestine, Kashmir and other parts of Muslim countries.

He expressed these view while addressing the “Solidarity Rally” to express unity with the people of Palestine, organised by Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) District East at Prof Ghafoor Ahmed Road near Jauhar Morr. JI Karachi Chief Hafiz Naeem-ur-Rehman, JI District East Ameer Younus Barai, Naib Ameer JI Pakistan Asadullah Bhutto, Naib Ameer JI Karachi Muzaffar Hashmi and Secretary Information Zahid Askari and others were also present on the occasion.

Speaking at the occasion, Haq said that Prof Ghafoor was a brave soldier and a patriotic countrymen and felt proud to inaugurate the newly constructed road with the name of Prof Ghafoor Ahmed at Jauhar Morr.

He said that the leadership of Muslim countries was in the hands of coward people, demanding to say ‘Labbaik’ on the call of Palestinian people. He appealed to Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to lead the Muslim Ummah and call for Islamic Conference on the aggression of Israel.

“Today the fight is continued between the slaves of Islam and the slaves of Obama”, he added. Haq further said that the rulers have been forgotten the agenda of Islam and busy in the slavery of western powers.

“Resolution and Islamic Jihad are the only way to rid the country from the conspiracy of western countries”, he added. He informed that the party would start a campaign after Eid-ul-Fitr in which it invited the people of country to join the Islamic revolution.

The leader of Hamas, Dr Khalid Mehmood said that the people of Palestine saluted the emotions of Pakistan towards the people of Gaza, who fight on the justice. The Hamas successfully confronted the Israeli aggression, adding that the real faces of United Nations and western world have been revealed.

He hoped that the Muslim Ummah would not let the people of Palestine alone and play their due role in this regard. He further vowed that the Hamas would not spare its Islamic struggle (Jihad) against the evil powers of the world.

Hafiz Naeem said that 17th Ramadan is a significant importance in the history of Muslim Ummah, as Ghazwa-e-Badr had taken place on that day. “Those who called them the champions of human rights are the silent spectators over the Gaza situation”, he added. He stressed the need for developing Muslim Ummah unity in order to foil the conspiracies hatched by western world to destabilize Muslim countries.

Earlier, the protestors staged protest demonstration at Prof Ghafoor Ahmed Road near Jauhar Morr against the Israeli aggression on Gaza in which hundreds of people including women, children and elderly men being killed by the volatile bombing of Israel.

The participants of the protest raised placards and banners inscribed with “stop volatile bombing on Palestine”, “We strongly condemn the barbarism of Israel”, “Go down America, Go-down Israel” , “stop violation of human rights in Palestine” and others.

On the occasion, the protestors also chanted slogans against the western powers including America and Israel.

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