Protest staged against journalist arrest in Afghanistan

Karachi: Journalist bodies on Tuesday demanded Afghan government to immediately release Pakistan journalist, Faizullah Khan, who mistakenly crossed Afghan border and was sentenced four years in prison by the Afghan authorities.

The protest was staged by Karachi Press Club and Karachi Union of Journalist (KUJ-Dastoori) outside the press club. The protestors threatened to stage demonstrations outside Afghan consulates in the country if Faizullah is not released before Eid.

Speaking on the occasion, PFUJ President Idrees Bakhtiar said that the Pakistani government should utilize its all resources and international contacts to ensure Faizullah’s release before the Eid. “There is no need of documents for 3.5 million illegal Afghan immigrants, however a journalist who mistakenly crossed border was sentenced to four year in prison which was an injustice,” he said.

KPC President Imtiaz Khan Faran condemned Pakistani consulate in Afghanistan for concealing information and facts regarding the journalist’s arrest. He called for action against Pakistani Consulate officials in Afghanistan for not playing their role over the issue.

KUJ President Sajid Aziz asked federal government, Army Chief General Raheel Sharif for playing their role in recovery of the journalist.

KUJ Secretary General Rizwan Bhatti said that the journalist community should raise voice for the release of Faizullah and demanded the authorities to secure his release from Afghan prison before Eidul Fitr.

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