Provision of clean water human right: Chaudhry Sarwar

KARACHI: Governor Punjab Chaudhry Sarwar on Wednesday said that Pakistan is facing a lot of problems but poverty and corruption have paralyzed our country.

Addressing a seminar of Human Rights Group of Pakistan in connection of World Water and Energy Day in Karachi, he said that it would be included in Constitution of Pakistan that the government will provide clean drinking water to the people of country.

Sarwar said that clean drinking water situation in the country is very poor; more than 50 percent of population is deprived of clean drinking water. He said Punjab government has started a campaign “clean water safe lives”. He said that through the campaign Punjab government would install water filtration plants in both rural and urban areas of Punjab and also the program would start in whole country.

He said that 90 percent of filtration plants were closed in country due to corruption. He said the government should probe into these sub-standard plants and recover the money from corrupt suppliers. He said that all the concerned officials were violating the human rights by not providing clean drinking water to peoples.

He said that Punjab governor and all the guests of the governor drink water through common filtration plant which installed in Governor House Lahore and all the staff of Governor House Punjab also drink the same water.

He said that in Pakistan everyone wants not more than two square meals, proper healthcare facilities and education for their children but we have even failed to provide them these basic facilities. He said that children are dying to lack of water and medical treatment.

He said that there is a misconception that Sindhi is foe of Punjabi, Panjabi is foe of Baloch or Pakhtoon. He said that our main foe is poverty, lake of education and lake of healthcare facilities.

He said that government of Pakistan is trying its best to end all the crises and problems mainly in water and energy crises.

Chairman Human Rights Group of Pakistan Dr Sher Ali Rizvi, Secretary General Human Rights Group of Pakistan Iftikhar Hussain, Ambassador of Denmark Jespher Moller Sorensen, UNDP Resident Representative Timo Pakkala, Chairman Pak Oasis Pvt. Ltd Saleem Abbas and Head of UNOCHA Sindh Dr Salman Safdar were also present.

On the occasion, Ambassador of Denmark Jespher Moller Sorensen said that Denmark and Pakistan have good relation and several projects of clean water, energy and healthcare have started in private sector. He said that Denmark and Pakistan would also going to start more projects of clean water and energy.

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