Public resolve must to fight corruption: seminar told

KARACHI: Investigation Officer, National Accountability Bureau (NAB) Sindh, Ms Rabia, said on Thursday that People belonging to all segments of society will have to come forward with positive approach and develop will to fight corruption plaguing the country.

“Eliminating corruption in Pakistan is no doubt difficult task but it does not mean we sit idle at homes and do not raise voice against this menace. Honest people will have to play their role against corruption and they should inform about it to NAB which is committed to stamp out such evil from the country through investigations and raising awareness among people,” she said while addressing a seminar on the theme of ‘Awareness Against Corruption by NAB Sindh’, organized by PIMSAT in collaboration with NAB at its premises in Karachi.

Corruption is deteriorating economy and harming the country, therefore it is the need of the hour to fight it, she said. NBA is making efforts to eliminate corruption. She said: “We investigate corruption cases and forward the same to court which decide their fate. We are not authorized to punish accused as it is the duty of court.”

She said that NAB was striving for its goal as part of national duty. Capacity building training exercises were also being conducted at bureau to improve and enhance the expertise of officers.

Rabia said that NAB was performing its duties in fair manner as it was investigating cases on merit. She dispelled the impression that NAB was not doing well.

Rabia hailed media for raising awareness among people about corruption and exposing this menace.”Honest role of judiciary is also needed while handling corruption cases,” she said.

“There is also need to allow people to have full access to information. If you have any complaint about corruption, bring it before NAB. We are ready to investigate and forward it to court,” NAB official said. Rabia called for abiding by laws, rules and regulations to ensure honest society. She stressed the importance for developing resolve to fight corruption.

To a question, she said, “Our life is also at stake as we are conducting investigations in corruption cases.”

NAB Sindh Deputy Director Saeed Shaikh was also present on the occasion.

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