Receiving cash without receipt: Traffic fines mostly go into pockets of corrupt cops

Karachi: Corrupt cops of Karachi traffic police fleece the Karachiites and make millions by putting the fines charged from the owners of cars and bikes lifted by them into their own pockets, because they collect fine amounts in cash but often refuse to give its receipt. These traffic fines collected in cash mostly go into the pockets of corrupt cops.

Citizens complain that the traffic cops lift their cars and bikes in front of markets and other places, but when they approach them at their respective centers they charge fine in cash from them, which is about Rs200 for a bike and Rs500 for a car. However, they do not give them the receipt of receiving of this cash fine amount. They said there is no monitoring of this looting and fleecing of the citizens and corrupt traffic cops make millions through this open corruption.

They said the close -circuit cameras should be installed at the centers of traffic police where they dump the cars and bikes lifted from their areas. These CCTV cameras should also be installed over the tables of traffic police officials dealing with the public and receiving cash fines from them.

They suggest completely banning receiving ‘cash fines’ from the violators of parking and road rules and all fines should be deposited in banks. As thousands of vehicles are lifting by traffic police every day, bank booths should be established in concerned traffic police stations, where the violators can deposit their fines and get freed their confiscated/ lifted vehicles and bikes. This simple step would ensure saving thousands of Karachiites from being fleeced and also increase the revenue collection of the traffic police and provincial government of Sindh, besides help in reducing corruption in Sindh and improving its good governance.

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