Renovation work of state guest house: SHC issues notice to top officials

KARACHI: The Sindh High Court (SHC) on Tuesday issued a notice to secretary Ministry of Housing and Works, secretary Ministry of Foreign Affairs and executive engineer on a petition of contractor seeking payment of outstanding amount of Rs 115 million for renovation work of Karachi State Guesthouse, where family of President Mamnoon Hussain was settled.

A division bench headed by Chief Justice Maqbool Baqar also issued notice to federal law officer and adjourned the hearing of case till April 10.

The Riasat Brothers, a private firm, submitted that Karachi State Guesthouse was more than 100 years old and constructed as collectors Bungalows during the British era. Building was declared national heritage. For first time, it was renovated in 1981 and since then no major renovation work was carried out, as a result, building had become dilapidated.

It said that federal government had awarded the company a tender for renovation work of the structure and during the work, certain changes and improvements were made, and it provided additional work, furniture and external development and electrical work. It said that federal government issued revised PC-1 amounting Rs 285.274 million including additional expenditures which was signed by federal authorities.

The contractor told the court that despite the fact that all renovation work was completed, federal authorities had not executed the PC-1 yet and an amount of Rs 155 million was not being paid by the government. The petitioner requested the court to order federal authorities to pay outstanding amount.

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