Rise in gas tariff opposed

Karachi: Pakistan Tanners Association (S.Z) Chairman, Hamid A Zahur has strongly opposed the government’s decision to increase gas tariff by 30 per cent. In a press release Hamid while rejecting the 30 per cent increase in gas tariff which the government intends to introduce with the advent of the new year.

He pointed out that the exports of leather industry are already quite low in comparison to last couple of years. The hike in gas tariff will further push up production cost eroding competiveness of our indigenous leather and leather made ups. He said that It will be very hard for the leather industry to have its foreign customers again if lost who may divert to other countries. He urged the PML-N government to exempt the exporting leather industry from any increase in gas tariff.

He said that a large number of people are earning their livelihood in leather industry who will be adversely affected if leather exports slowed down.

He also regretted increase of GST to 22% on petroleum products terming it a cruel act with the poor people of Pakistan. Hamid said pointed out that benefit of declining oil prices in the international market is not reaching to the general masses. “Since the day global oil prices started decreasing, the end consumers in Pakistan are being deprived off its full advantage in Pakistan”, Hamid said.

He demanded of the government to withdraw all types of increases and levies imposed on utilities during its tenure.

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