Role of eunuchs in drive against profiteering lauded

KARACHI: Commissioner Karachi Shoaib Ahmed Siddiqui has said that inclusion of eunuchs would bring positive results in crackdown being carried out against food adulterators and profiteers.

Siddiqui said that the operation by the city administration to provide relief to masses would be boosted after eunuchs’ participation. He said this while addressing a meeting at his office before departure of a team for operation against profiteers consisting of Additional Commissioner Karachi Haji Ahmed, Assistant Commissioner Aram Bagh Zulfiqar Ali Mangrio, Assistant Commissioner Saddar Maqsood Ghumro, Rana Asif from Gender Alliance (GA), President GA Bindya Rana, Vice President GA Mazhar Anjum and other eunuchs.

The commissioner instructed Ahmed to open stalls in every Bachat Bazaars, especially in poor areas, to ensure that vegetables were sold on the rates of Sabzi Mandi, so that people could be relieved through cheap rates.

“The profiteering of potatoes should also be stopped in Sabzi Mandi and potato traders should be approached in this regard,” he said.

Siddiqui further said that Karachi is the only city in the country where operation against profiteering was continued throughout the year.

Meanwhile, Ahmed and relevant assistant commissioners along eunuchs conducted operation against profiteering in the areas of Delhi Colony and Gizri. Seeing eunuchs advancing towards them with administrative officers, profiteering shopkeepers fled from the scene leaving their shops opened and thela vendors left their thelas (vending stands) behind.

Eunuchs abashed the profiteers in their traditional style. A shopkeeper promised in front of them not to sell food items on higher rates again.

Haji Ahmed lauded a milkmen for selling milk on government prescribed rate i.e., Rs70 per liter and eunuchs raised slogans in favour of the shopkeeper.

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