SAARC Academia to Proclaim 2015 as ‘Academic Year of Peace’, after School Massacre

KARACHI: In the wake of the deadliest brutal terror attack at Peshawar school, a conjoint academic commission has been formed up by Pakistani academicians working in different institutions around the globe, says a release.

An institutional resolution has been unanimously passed by the peace-conflict experts and other research-oriented academics from diverse disciplines, to set forth a ‘United Peace Constituency’ and a ‘Conjoint Academic Commission’ to ponder scholastic contemplations on the issue under focus;- ‘counter-terrorism’ in the academic perspectives.

The conjoint commission’s chair Dr. Bareera N. B., and co-chair Professor Emeritus Dr. Zaki have declared the deadliest incident a ‘planetary tragedy’. By an unconfronted concurrence-accord of SAARC region academicians, associated with peace related and socio-ethnic studies, the year-2015 has been proclaimed as the ‘SAARC Academia Year of Peace’ by the same resolution.

The commission designated by the constituency, would dedicatedly envisage to draw enticement-proposition outlines concerning the challenging assignment and task on hands. A nine members academics committee would overview the propositional outcomes of National Security Plan of Action for its pertinence, in order to make germane recommendations thereupon.

“Pakistani academics around the globe hold fast the resolute determination and reiterate their firm resolve to address the terroristic-menace faced by Pakistan today”, asserted the commission’s chair Dr. Bareera N. B., who is a post-doc anthropological academic in peace-conflict studies, and an external assessor of peace and counter-terrorism studies at NPA.

The recent terminal incident has left Pakistan and the Pakistanis as a menace-prone nation and peril- susceptible territory, and by now we have no choice other than to make deep deliberations on the critical issue, not only from the operational vantages, but necessarily and principally, from the academic perspective too”, maintains Dr. Bareera N.B.

The present scenario requires a grand reconciliation at all levels. The integrated cognoscenti connoisseurs of nation; the military establishment, the government, the civil society, the academia, that judiciary, all have to add into, what they are capable to. The academia holds in its capacity, an integral part and a pivoting role to play, since the literati-cognoscente remains a mainstay and the core-constituent, not within the means to be avoidable in any collective enterprise of national interest, establishes the commission.

The prevailing terrorism is a complete mindset rather than certain occurrences, and henceforth needs to be addressed in a totalistic perspective rather than the segmented operational approach, pronounce the academics.

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