SAP, ExD to present SAP Experience

KARACHI: Excellence Delivered (ExD), the leading implementation and education partner of SAP in Pakistan, in collaboration with SAP, is organizing a one-day information seminar titled “SAP Experience – the future of business” on Thursday, 17 April, 2014 in local hotel Karachi.

The information seminar is designed to educate companies and businesses about the SAP based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system and its impact on business growth. Companies around the world are becoming increasingly aware that SAP solutions, streamline processes, reduce costs and increase overall efficiency. SAP software installation is considered a business-critical activity. The complexities and the innumerable capabilities of the SAP Solution, create the need for trained people, to maximise potential and use SAP Solutions effectively.

The seminar will cover key-note speech by Aamir Shah, Head of Business Development SAP Pakistan and Sajjad Syed, CEO Excellence Delivered and will also have presentations on SAP Experience and Achieving Operational Excellence through it. It will also cover success stories from Pakistan based customers of ExD.

ExD is working with companies from all sectors of the economy and have implemented SAP in different companies in Pakistan, and abroad. On education side, ExD offers e – learning solutions at their state of the art facility in Lahore, Pakistan. E-Learning training is interactive and structured pattern of training offered directly from SAP.

ExD’s portfolio includes clients from the manufacturing industry, financial institutions, textile, telecom companies, energy sector, educational institutions and various other segments of the society.

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