SBTA takes action against private blood bank

LARKANA: The Provincial Programme Manager/Secretary, Dr. Zahid Hussain Ansari, Sindh Blood Transfusion Authority (SBTA), Karachi, in a letter No: PPM/SBTA/738/44, dated: 17.6.2014 addressed to the Incharge of private blood bank named Bukhari Blood Bank (BBB) established within the premises of Shaikh Zaid Hospital of Women, Chandka Medical College Hospital (CMCH), Larkana, has issued a warning to close blood bank in three days otherwise all necessary legal actions will be initiated under the law Section 6 and new clause ‘ff’ and Section IX of SBTA Act 1997.

The letter said that the SBTA District Focal Person, paid a surprise visit to your bank on 30th June, 2014 and observed in his letter No: DHOL/5190/93, dated: 03.6.2016 that your blood bank is involved in substandard & commercial blood banking activity not following the rules & regulations of SBTA, Health Department, Government of Sindh and he found lot of irregularities. These irregularities include that the qualified technical staff/doctor is not posted, space is not sufficient for blood banking as per SBTA criteria, B.P. Apparatus and Stethoscope is not available, non-specialized blood bank deep freezer, Elisa is not available, facility of standby generator is not available, donor register not maintained, monthly progress report is not developed, register for disposal of waste is not present, screening record not maintained and blood bank record is also not properly maintained.

The copies of this letter have also been sent to Health Secretary, Director General Health, Deputy Commissioner, District Health Officer, Larkana and Medical Superintendent of CMCH. This bank is also running its branch at Teaching Block of CMCH using government electricity as well which needs to be checked as well randomly.

This shows that SBTA has started to realize its prime responsibilities and must vigorously continue properly & regularly by taking strict actions against all those involved in this dirty business.

This letter proves that private blood banks are involved in commercial blood banking and are minting money without observing SBTA rules & regulations which should be properly & regularly monitored throughout the province to halt sale of un-screened blood which spreads deadly diseases such as Hepatitis, HIV/AIDS etc.

There are more than 72 illegal blood banks & laboratories working since last about two decades in Larkana & Kambar-Shahdadkot districts without services of properly qualified pathologists as only 10 pathologists are in CMCH & Chandka Medical College (8 working and two have retired) and each of them cannot look after more than one blood bank at a time as per SBTA rules.

The SBTA Secretary has already warned to these doctors  to refrain from allowing these banks using their names as one pathologist is only allowed to provide his services to one bank only otherwise action will be taken. In this way there should not be more than ten blood banks & laboratories in Larkana alone and more than 30 are working here, according to a senior doctor who also added that every private medical centre has its own collection point which also needs to be investigated thoroughly whether standard rules are observed or ignored.

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