’Schools should offer religious courses’

KARACHI: Ameer Tanzeem-e-Islami Hafiz Aqif Saeed said on Saturday that they fully support the statements of Mufti Taqqi Usmani that religious education courses should also be offered in educational institutions.

He said Mufti rightly said that the Westerners had created discrimination in education by separating the institutes of secular and religious education. He said if the seminaries are being facilitated with modern education facilities then why the courses of religious education are not being offered in schools, colleges and universities?

He said it is interesting that seminaries were being forced to adopt modern education and there is no doubt that this contemporary education is highly beneficial but the religious education is also a must to answer the deep philosophical questions of man.

Hafiz Saeed demanded of government to facilitate the seminaries to teach subjects of science and social sciences, but also ensure that the schools, colleges and universities offer courses at every level regarding the religious education so that the different between schools and seminaries could be further bridged.

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