Seasonal viral flu cases on rise in Karachi

KARACHI: Seasonal viral influenza cases are on the rise in the metropolitan with sudden increase of temperate and an expert urged general public to adopt precautionary measures.

Renowned Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT) Surgeon Dr S M Qaisar Sajjad while talking to PPI said cases of seasonal viral flu have increased in public hospitals with sudden change in weather. He said 30 to 35 patients out of 100, visits OPDs with seasonal flu complaints on daily basis. He said viral influenza cases spread quickly as compared to other diseases.

He said viral flu spread via cough, sneeze, sharing towels, pens and cell phones. He said school-going children are most vulnerable to such seasonal diseases due to their developing immune system. He said these diseases are later transformed to other family member from children. He informed that seasonal viral influenza is not a very dangerous disease and a patient can recover from disease within 48 hours.

He said slightly uneven weather increases the risk contracting the seasonal disease like viral flu and people should adopt preventive measure to avert such diseases. He said children and elderly people are most vulnerable of seasonal disease due their weak immune system.

Dr Qaisar said seasonal flu infects the person with a weak immune system, especially those who don’t eat a proper food, intake junk food & poor quality soft drinks, consume less water and don’t get proper sleep. He said if the seasonal flu persists for two or three days then patients must approach a specialist doctor for treatment.

He urged the citizens to take proper food, avoid junk food & cold drinks and eight hours of sleep can prevent them from diseases. He said parents of school-going children must adopt precautionary measures in order to prevent their children seasonal diseases.

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