Self-generation of power must for KWSB

Karachi: Self-generation of electricity for its major pumping stations is a must for Karachi Water and Sewerage Board (KWSB) to avert avoidable water shortage as millions of gallons of water could not be supplied to the citizens of Karachi due to frequent electricity load shedding and technical faults at KWSB installations.

Water supply is not only a human issue but it has also become a serious political matter and two main political parties of the city, Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) and Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) are holding protest demos against water scarcity in different areas of the metropolis. The KWSB officials say the power supply system from privatized K-Electric (KE) is not dependable and they face power outages almost daily, which deprives the Karachiites from millions of gallons of water.

The KWSB should immediately start own electricity generation through solar and wind energy and by installing small-sized coal or gas-fed power generating plants at its main installations. Being a public service entity it is entitled to produce power to run its own equipment. In Karachi major industries, banks, trading houses, educational centres, hospitals and offices generate their own electricity from big gas-fed generators, and KWSB could avail this avenue of uninterrupted power supply to its installations. If necessary the government even could enact laws to allow the KWSB generate electricity on mega-scale. All major pumping stations and big water supply lines of KWSB are situated on the wind-corridor and it could easily generate a lot of clean and green energy by installing wind mills and big solar panels.

To save Karachi from water shortage it is necessary for the KWSB to end its dependency on the KE. It should purchase electricity from the KE in necessary, but it should have a sufficient buffer of own power generating facilities at its strategic installations. The KWSB could also ink accords with NED or other engineering universities regarding experimental and research-based small power generation plants.