Seminar pays glowing tribute to Sir Syed Ahmed Khan

KARACHI: The rich tributes were paid to the great visionary and reformer of the subcontinent Sir Syed Ahmed Khan and his educational efforts were highlighted in the seminar held by Sir Syed University of Engineering & Technology (SSUET) at its campus. Sir Syed Ahmed Khan devoted his entire life for emancipation of Muslims of South Asia and Islamic renaissance.

Addressing the seminar, Jawaid Anwar, President Aligarh Muslim University Old Boys’ Association (AMUOBA) and Chancellor SSUET said that Sir Syed Ahmed Khan introduced the thought of Islamic culture in the subcontinent and promoted the idea of getting western education without affecting religious doctrines and character. He established an institute that imparted modern education to the Muslims focusing on character building.

He pointed out that Muslims are still in the state of disintegration and confusion. And it is our duty to find its solution. The fact is that when Muslims ignored education, they were left behind in the world. Now is the right time to follow the Sir Syed’s ideology and take guidance from his philosophy. It is hard to neglect the importance of Sir Syed’s educational efforts.

Anwar said Sir Syed Ahmed Khan set the direction of the movement for Muslim society at the crucial time of the history. He was the most significant and unparalleled character of our civilization that history can never ignore.

Speaking on the occasion, General Secretary AMUOBA, Mohammad Arshad said it is our passion to take this institution to the height that Sir Syed Ahmed Khan had dreamed for. Being future of the country, students are the asset of the university and this university is their identification. So it is necessary to take care of their proper education.

Earlier the distinguished researcher and former Director of Quaid e Azam Academy, Khawaja Razi Haider said the work done by Sir Syed Ahmed Khan is an important part of our history. Sir Syed earned a reputation as a distinguished scholar because of his unforgettable educational efforts. Educationist Anwar Ahmed Zai said “Dreams are not those you see in your sleep, dreams are those who don’t make you sleep. Person dies but personality is immortal. Renowned journalist and columnist Muqtada Mansoor said that Sir Syed’s vision was correct and he was the creator of bi-nation theory. Famous social reformer Azad Bin Haider also appreciated the educational efforts of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan.

On the occasion, Tarana-e-Aligarh was presented by SSUET students. Later, certificates and shields were also distributed among the deserving students. Assistant Director Sports & Youth Affairs, Government of Sindh, Asif Khan specially came to attend the event for the encouragement of the students.