Senator criticises Mirza’s behavior

KARACHI: Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Senator Aajiz Dhamrah said on Monday that some people leave their parties due to personal interests while others quit them due to ideological differences.

Addressing at a press conference at PPP Media Cell Sindh, he said those, who leave parties due to their personal interests, could not stay on their political status in future. He said PPP is the pioneer of federation and if some people quit the party, then they could not be affect the party. He said such kinds of examples are also seen in the past.

He pointed out that former home minister Dr Zulfiqar Mirza and he raised a question ‘how would you justify it that a person who fully enjoys the privileges of the party while being associated with it and when he is disassociated, he accuses the same party and see the errors in its leadership? Everyone knows the wrong language he uses.”

Reacting on Mirza’s boisterousness, he said media covered every single moment as Mirza spread terror in Badin last day. He said Mirza is not same in his saying and action. He said on one side, he said his scuffle is with PPP co-chairman Asid Ali Zardari while on other hand he says that Bilawal is his leader.

Dhamrah said PPP is peaceful party and it always instructed its workers to remain in peace.

He announced that People’s Youth Organization would take out a rally Tuesday from its People’s Secretariat to Karachi Press Club and in other districts to condemn the heinous act of Mirza.

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