SHC appoints official for inspecting temple work

KARACHI: Sindh High Court (SHC) on Tuesday appointed its Nazir for inspection of construction at the site of Shri Laxmi Narain Mandir, a 200-year-old Hindu temple at the Native Jetty Bridge.

A division bench of SHC headed by Chief Justice Maqbool Baqar heard the contempt of court application filed by Kailash Wishram, a resident of the residential quarters at the temple premises, who impleaded Mukesh Chawla, former provincial minister, Satram Das, secretary of Hindu Panchayat and others as contemnors.

Applicant’s counsel submitted that Narain Mandir was constructed much before the partition of the subcontinent and for a long time Hindus performed their religious rituals at the temple where access to seawater was one of the essential things to perform worship.

He said that the private company had started construction work blocking the access to the seawater from the temple. The construction would threaten their place of worship and the right of the minority community at large, he added.

The counsel said that while disposing of the petition regarding construction at temple premises on November 11, 2012, the court had ordered that under-construction staircase shall be completed within one month in a manner that access to sea shall not be blocked.

It was also ordered that building material at the temple shall be put in a manner that inconvenience, if any is being caused to the devotees, shall be minimized and further that construction shall be concluded as early as possible.

He told two-judge bench that contemnors have deliberately violated such court order, due to which Hindu worshippers face inconvenience. He requested the court to initiate contempt proceedings against alleged contemnors for flouting court order.

After hearing arguments, the bench appointed its Nazir for inspection of temple site and ordered him to submit a report within two weeks. The bench directed him to take photographs of the temple site.

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